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Road Test - Range Rover Autobiography 2016

Wading depths of 900mm, towing up to 3,500kg and packing a generous 339bhp with 740Nm torque; the insane off-road capabilities make this LandRover Range Rover the SAS of cars! …Even the three distinct lines on the exterior are like its own personal ‘Cap Badge’.

So what makes the Range Rover so special? Well since the first model was released back in 1970, the iconic 4x4 SUV has moved up the ranks to secure its position in the luxury motoring market.  Now in its fourth generation, it competes against models such as the Porsche Cayenne Turbo S, Mercedes-Benz S-Class and even the Bentley Bentayga.  Offering smooth, refined power from a selection of V6 and V8 petrol and diesel engines, it comfortably adapts to it’s surrounding, be it through the city, country lanes, off-road or at swanky venues.

Available in several different trim levels: Vogue, Vogue SE, Autobiography and SV-Autobiography (with the latter two also available in long-wheelbase).  The entry level Range Rover Vogue starts from £75,800 increasing to £149,800 for the SV-Autobiography so it really isn’t cheap!

The car on test was a premium-level Autobiography powered by the new twin-turbo diesel 4.4litre SDV8 engine. Finished in Waitomo Grey with Ebony interior trim and 21″ alloy wheels, the car certainly looked the part before I’d even started the engine.  On ignition, the flush rotary dial raised up from the centre console to present an eight-speed automatic gear lever – which really was a thing of beauty! The optional extras of a state of the art Meridian Audio system, heated steering wheel and seats, panoramic roof and head up display certainly added to my driving experience.

Performance on and off-road was effortless and the car responded according to the road surface and conditions.  This car has real road presence and commands attention. 

Despite the mass of the car, the acceleration from 0-62mph was surprisingly quick at 6.8 seconds with a maximum speed of 135mph.  During our road test, which included city, country and off-road driving, we managed a fuel consumption of 30mpg overall.

My favourite feature of all had to be the massaging front seats – yes that’s right… a car that actually massages you on the move! A particular useful feature if you’ve had a bad day or simply want to spoil yourself.

This car was built for adventure with unprecedented levels of luxury and whilst I will never actually be able to afford a Range Rover I would recommend this car to anyone who has £98,550 just lying around.

Finally, for those who desire extreme levels of protection then check out the Range Rover Sentinel!

For:  Effortless performance, Extensive off-road capabilities and supreme comfort.
Against: Very expensive, guzzles fuel (particularly for a diesel).

© Bethany Keenan (Words and Images)